Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sex on the Beach....

Hi you beautiful people! Lexie here.... and it's my turn to talk about naughty things on the BritBabes page again! It's lucky really because with the sun shining every day at the moment, I have to be honest, that's all I can think about right now!

I don’t know if it's the same for you but I find that when the sun comes out my thoughts turn to hot guys covered in sun oil, maybe wearing tight little swimming shorts and looking sexy by the pool, maybe playing volley ball on the beach or maybe just wandering around town with their jeans slung low on their hips and their shirts open to the waist. I just can't help myself! In this glorious weather even the guys in the office seem a little more...unbuttoned ;)

It's especially in my mind now because tomorrow I’m heading off on a girly weekend to Marbella. We’re going to be lying by the pool, sipping cocktails and catching up on the gossip. I’m also going to be doing some people watching and hopefully getting some steamy ideas for a few short stories; and if there are a couple of hot looking guys around the pool to look at then so much the better…. What? It’s research, I promise!

Which leads me to thinking about what it is that makes us feel so much sexier in the sunshine. Is it the heat on our skin or the smell of the sun tan lotion? Is it memories of summer romances when we were younger or the way that the summer used to stretch out endlessly in front of us? Is it the anticipation of going abroad and abandoning all responsibility for a week or two?

I think it’s a little bit of all of the above. In the summer I feel freer, the days are longer and with that comes more opportunity for sneaking off for a little bit of naughty fun! The warmth makes us all relax; maybe let go of our inhibitions and think about the things we wouldn’t normally think about.

There is nothing like lying by the pool in your bikini, your skin glowing from the heat of the sun and your body slippery with sun lotion and just letting your imagination wander. Cool drinks, hot lips, rough sand, smooth talking guys. Disappearing up to your room in the middle of the day or sneaking onto the beach in the cool of the evening. The possibilities are endless and while you’re away there’s nothing else you need to be doing.

Of course we can’t all allow ourselves to indulge in such naughty fantasies for real, but there’s no harm in thinking about all that saucy summer fun. And while I’m away I’m going to try and harness that sultry sexiness; the low chirp of the crickets and the heady scent of the flowers in the evening and the smell of coconut sun oil and hot bodies in the daytime.

Don’t forget, you can indulge even if you’re not going abroad this year. There’s so much to get up to right here in the UK… after all we’re famous for our saucy seaside resorts. So I’ll leave you with a snippet of my story from Smut By The Sea about a girl who brightens up her summer with a fling with a fairground boy. The screams, the smell of the candy floss… all the heat of the summer and all the fun of the fair.

Enjoy the sunshine my lovelies…. I know I will!

Of course we arrive at the Rec way before the fair opens. Danni has brought snacks and we munch through a bar of chocolate and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, watching as they carry out all the last minute checks.
“Do ya wanna test some of the rides for us, ladies?” a big Irish sounding guy shouts over to us. We look over at him and then at each other. Danni mouths the word “hottie” at me and giggles.
“Ah, come on, it’s perfectly safe and it’s all for free. Sure, you’ll be doing me a favour; me Da will be on me case if I don’t get these going.”
“C’mon,” Danni hisses, “you won’t get a better offer than that! Even I have to admit that one’s cute.”
We stand up and walk over to where he’s grinning at us. I can’t help but stare at him. He’s even hotter than I hoped for. Think a young Gerard Butler with a hint of Brad Pitt in Snatch. His hair is dark and messy, long enough to touch the top of his sexy white t-shirt and his blue eyes are sparkling as he looks us up and down.
“I’m guessing you like the funfair?” he laughs. “You’ve been sitting waiting for ages and we’ve still got another 40 minutes til we open.”
I nod suddenly tongue-tied. He’s gorgeous and I can feel myself blushing from my toes to my cheeks. His biceps are bulging out of his vest, his jeans slung low on his hips and oh my God he’s wearing cowboy boots. I think I might come on the spot.
“Well come on pretty ladies, hop on and let’s make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight before we open the gates.”
He takes my hand as he helps us into the bucket seat of the Waltzer. “This is my ride,” he grins, “I helped me brothers put it together yesterday so you’re putting your lives into me hands here.” I’m so busy enjoying the warmth of his grip that I forget to speak. Danni nudges me and frowns.
“Did it take you long?” I ask fluttering my eyelashes at him, squeezing his hand as I step into the car. I smile as he watches me, his eyes drawn to my boobs spilling out of my tight t-shirt and the way my hot pants tighten around my tanned thighs as I sit down.
“Not really,” he shrugs, “we know what we’re doing.”
“I’ll bet you do,” I murmur, my gaze lingering on his full lips, imagining how they would feel all over my naked body.
He winks at me and drops the bar, moving round behind us. “I hope you like to spin, girls, I have a feeling this is going to be a wild ride.”
I’m oblivious to anything but the smell of him as he stands behind us and the lights flash across the roof of the ride. “Remember babe; scream if you wanna go faster!” He winks at me again and I finally get my flirt on. I blow him a kiss as he starts up the ride. He says something but his words are lost as the heavy bass line starts up and the ride begins to move.
I can feel the adrenaline rush almost immediately. This is where I’m happiest, amongst the grease, the bright lights and the pounding music. It’s such a turn on. Intermingled in all of the dirty, noisy chaos is the fresh scent of the sea, lending a magical twist to the whole thing, transporting us; reminding me of beach holidays abroad. I want to snog the face off this cute guy. I want to feel his tongue in my mouth, his body pressing against mine while the adrenaline pumps through my body. He’d be wild and crazy, not caring who saw us, claiming me as his and ravaging my willing body at every opportunity. The heady rush of the spinning ride is making me giddy and the tantalising flashes of his incredible arms as he spins us faster and faster are the ultimate turn on.
“Come on ladies, I wanna hear you scream.”
We squeal, almost unable to speak as he spins the car faster and faster.
“Ah come on now, is that it? I’m sure I can make you scream louder than that.”
I can hardly see him as we whirl past but I could swear he winks at me.
I would love for him to make me scream. I think he would make me moan and whimper too, his cock driving into me making every inch of my body scream for him. Fuck, my nipples are like bullets straining against my t-shirt as I imagine us together.
Danni screams as the music gets louder and he spins us even faster. She clutches my hand and I look over. She looks a bit green and I have to say I’m relieved when the ride finally slows and the music dies down. The Waltzer comes to a halt and he raises the bar.
“I think I’m gonna puke,” Danni mutters as he helps us out of the car, “back in a minute.”
She legs it over to the toilet block and disappears inside.
 “Do ya think your mates OK?” he asks as he stares at me, his eyes dancing.
“Yeah, she’ll be fine, she always thinks she’s gonna throw up but she never does.”
We stand there, an awkward silence between us. I try desperately to think of something to say.
“Do you want...”
“Are you…”
We both start to speak at the same time and then laugh. The atmosphere between us is electric.
“I’m Tommy,” he says sticking out his hand towards me.
“Jessie,” I say grabbing his hand.
Instead of shaking it he pulls me towards him and suddenly I’m pressed tight up against his chest. “That’s a very pretty name for a very pretty girl,” he murmurs, then without any warning his lips are pressed against mine. I gasp at his forwardness and he takes the opportunity to push his tongue into my open mouth. He tastes incredible and I wrap my arms around his neck and push myself against him. We nearly topple over until he leans back against the ride, pulling me into him. I can feel his cock stir in his jeans and I moan, wriggling against him as his tongue pushes deeper into my mouth.
Tommy pulls back reluctantly and looks at me, his heart beating hard in his chest so that I can feel it as I press against him. “You’re quite the little tease, Jessie,” he says grinning at me, “in your tight shorts and that sexy t-shirt of yours that shows off your tits.”
“I’m not teasing though,” I whisper, pressing my lips to his again. He growls and his hands are all over me, hot and rough, as he pushes his thigh between my legs and rubs against my aching pussy. The thick denim of my shorts creates a beautiful friction against my clit and I moan again, my eyelids fluttering as I lose myself in the sensation.
He pushes me back a little and I open my eyes. “Your mate’s on her way back,” he grins, laughing as I pout at him for stopping what he’s doing, “What ya doing tonight?”
“Meeting you in the pub,” I say, “and I’ll prove to you that I don’t tease.”
“Christ you’re hot,” he grins pulling me back for one last kiss just before Danni comes back around the ride.
“Sorry,” she giggles, “thought I was gonna hurl for a minute there! Shit that Waltzer is fast! Love it!”
“Can I have your number?” Tommy asks me, looking expectantly at me. I write it down for him quickly not daring to look at him or Danni. My pussy is so wet my knickers are sticking to me and the seam of my denim shorts is almost pushing me over the edge where his thigh has wedged them against me.
“I’ll call you later, babe,” he smiles at me. “Aw shite, there’s me Da, you two had better disappear before he starts yelling at me.”



  1. Lexie, you've got me all a dither thinking about sunny beaches full of buff oiled men! Great excerpt and have a wonderful time in Marbella :-)

    Lily x

  2. Have a wonderful time Lexie!!! Watch out Marbella!!!! xxx

  3. Oh - the smell of sun hot skin - ahhhh one of my favourite all time fragrances...
    Have a wonderful time - and indulge those fantasies woman! It's allowed :D


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