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Special Guest - Elizabeth Lapthorne

Please welcome Elizabeth Lapthorne who has come all the way from down under to visit our blog today. Elizabeth writes for some of the same publishers as the Brit Babes and last year had a trip over to the UK to visit and sightsee. Here's the gossip about her trip…

My British Adventures

It’s not very unusual for an Aussie gal to be travelling around the United Kingdom on a budget, cramming as much tourist stuff into her itinerary as possible. Indeed, it’s practically a clichĂ©. But for me, it was literally a trip I’d been planning wistfully for about 7 years and *very seriously* for a further 2. So at the end of summer last year when I finally boarded that horrendous 30 or so hour Qantas flight, I was thrilled. I’d said eager farewells to my family and friends. I’d also somehow managed to lug my packed-to-breaking-point rucksack into the check in area of the airport. When asked why I was attempting to carry a bag 7 kg over the weight limit on my back, the only answer I had was an enormous smile and over-excited ramblings of all the places I intended to see and all the things I might need.

No one, least of all my mother, was surprised when after about four days I started to send unneeded items boxed up to her (rather expensively I might add!) via Royal Mail. Mum states that to this day she’s never received so many parcels and boxes in any six week timeframe of her life. Plus, I’m not joking when I state that UK google maps and the phrase “nearby post office” became one of the most regular searches I made (after “nearby parking lot”). And in one place when I discovered I’d completely obliviously booked myself into a that was easy walking distance from a 24 hour post office, I almost thought I’d died and gone to heaven. But I digress, that (and the 159 postcards I sent my four nephews) are a whole other story in itself.

So I spent a week doing most of the usual tourist-trap stuff in London. The Tower, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Kensington Gardens, 221B Baker St etc etc. I will own up to a ghoulish thrill at finally setting eyes on and touching the National Gallery with my own hands. I had my villains in Unearthed Treasure decimate the front of the Gallery with a rocket launcher – try getting *that* out of your head when spending a day wandering those hallowed halls and ogling the impressive artwork!

But after a week of finally seeing everything I could squeeze into London – I set out on what I was really excited about, a five week odyssey driving around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

So as to not bore everyone silly, I’ve decided to pick four big lessons that I learned during my six week stint.

Lesson #1: Itsy Bitsy rental cars can pack some serious, hidden muscle.

While I admit that I called this gorgeous thing My Little Blue Powder Puff, don’t underestimate it by its tiny size and unassuming looks. This little tinker toy survived some seriously hard yards. In about five weeks I did very nearly 6,000 kms in it (no small feat in and of itself), but the car also surprised me by how it just kept going and going.

The biggest single day I did was driving from Oban, Scotland all the way down to Manchester, England – a serious hike there! And a lot of it was done in vastly annoying rain. While yes, rain is to be expected in the UK, driving at 80 mph on the motorway with the windscreen wipers on full tilt and dodging between many large trucks is not a piece of cake. Trust me. So yes, never again will I underestimate an itty bitty car!

Lesson #2: Said small car can also take quite a bit of abuse. 

One of my “not so fun in reality but now makes a great story” days was down in Enniskillen, Ireland. A friend and I were driving around, minding our own business, when I noticed there was a large rock or piece of wood on the road. My friend and I had been talking so it was rather late when I noticed this and I swerved to avoid hitting it.

Sadly for my Little Blue Car, I didn’t swerve fast enough, and this is the resultant mess. Needless to say most of the next day was spent alternately batting my eyelashes at the local mechanics to get my tyre fixed (those boys were awesome and I’m deeply indebted to them!) and struggling to not have a panic attack at the thought of the cost and what my insurance carrier would say. But the boys came through for us and we were on our way the following day.

On to far happier lessons.

Lesson #3: Scotland has a lot more going for it than sexy men.
So I spent about a week in Scotland, hoping (expecting) to see a whole lot of this:

And what I got instead was this: 

Needless to say, while I certainly wouldn’t have turned down a lovely romp with a drop dead sexy kilted man, I went away from Scotland with a whole new perspective on the country. I’ve read the books, heard the songs and yes, intellectually know it’s a gorgeous place. But seeing it for myself, driving through the Cairngorms (a special highlight that still stands out in my mind) and just getting to breathe it all in really touched me. The beauty of the land out there is just amazing, and no amount of Scottish, historical romances could ever come close to describing the pictures now in my head.

Lesson #4: Ireland has more than rolling green hills and pubs with freely flowing alcohol.

Let me say up front, I’m not a stupid lady. I’m no braniac, but neither am I particularly foolish. And  I wasn’t expecting Ireland to be endless seas of green and more Guinness than a girl could poke a stick at. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t plenty of both - but it there were a few hidden gems I uncovered, and the Giant’s Causeway really sticks out in my mind.

Being honest, I think part of the reason was we hit the jackpot with the particular day we visited. The morning had been overcast and spotty with rain, but the afternoon cleared up, the sun came out and I thought I’d entered heaven. Best of all, was the coastline was *amazing*. Utterly breathtaking.  

Sure, there was lush, green hills and plenty of it, but the hexagonal rocks and pillars were unlike anything I’d previously seen in my life. Add in a dark, sapphire blue ocean and it was the most perfect place imaginable.

There were plenty of lush green hills that are etched into my mind, and my friend and I found more than a few welcoming pubs and cheery, half drunk men and women to chat eagerly to. But even so, it’s the Giants Causeway and a few places like it that surprised me so delightfully simply because they were unexpectedly beautiful in a way I hadn’t foreseen. That is how I’ll remember Ireland.
Well, that and the Irish Coffee (with Baileys). Yum!

Obviously, there were a million more brilliant memories that I made in my time in the UK. I could go on about the beauty of Wales (if you haven’t been to the St. Fagans National History Museum it’s well worth it) or the Oxford Botanical Gardens, or Bath, or I could go on. Still, those are probably stories for another day. J

Special thanks to the Brit Babes for letting me hijack their blog!

Elizabeth Lapthorne 


Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Novel Coming from Lucy Felthouse – Pack of Lies

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that I have a release date for my next novel. Pack of Lies, my werewolf novel, is coming out with Ellora’s Cave on the 6th August!

I don’t have a cover at the time of writing this post, but here’s the blurb:

Werewolf brothers Matthew and Isaac have lived in the peaceful village of Eyam all their lives. The villagers know what happens every full moon, and are happy to keep their secret. But their privacy comes at a cost—neither brother has taken a lover in almost four hundred years.

Then at the full moon, a sheep is slaughtered on Eyam Moor, by what could only be an animal. A large, vicious animal. Even the brothers’ staunchest supporters begin to have their doubts. Meanwhile Isaac is smitten by a handsome newcomer to the village, while a vivacious visitor is happy to offer Matthew her all.

As they indulge their lust, they must clear their names and convince their neighbours that they aren’t also letting their baser instincts out to play.

Inside Scoop:  This book contains sizzling scenes of both M/M and M/F sex.

I’m very excited to have another full-length novel coming out. It’s very different to my previous one, Stately Pleasures, not only because it’s a paranormal, but because it’s more of a thriller than a romance. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of romance and hot sex in there, too!

You can add it to your Goodreads shelves here:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to happy dance around the room!

Happy Reading,
Lucy x


Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

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Brit Babes Guest - Helen Orford Hula Hoop Dancer

Being an author of erotic romance is a truly wonderful career, and one of the most exciting, precious things about it is the incredible, diverse and supremely talented people that I get to meet. Please extend a warm welcome to The Brit Babes great friend and Hula Hoop Dancer, Helen Orford…

Helen, thank you so much for taking the time to visit the Brit Babes, we’re so thrilled that you’re here. I absolutely have to ask, because I’m fascinated and intrigued and in awe, tell me about your job, what do you do on a daily basis and is there any kind of routine to being a Hula Hoop Artist? 

The thing with my job is that there is no routine and rarely ever any repetition from week to week. To me this is more exciting than anything else! Some weeks I could be working all day doing admin (there is always A LOT of paperwork with my job), and then rush off to an early evening corporate event in central London, followed by a late night cabaret in Soho. And the next day I could be travelling to Birmingham to perform on live TV at a high class, international sporting event. And then some days I’m twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do with all the spare time I have! Usually I fill it with more admin work, training and practicing my skills. Without my diary I would be completely lost.

I had a Hula-Hoop as a kid, I was okay at it but you take it to a whole new level.  How did you start Hula-Hooping and did you know it was something you were seriously good at from the start?

To begin with when I was 14, I was training swinging trapeze in the evenings after school. However taking turns on the trapeze meant that we were often just stood watching the others. I took it upon myself to use the time to learn another skill - hula hooping. After working in a travelling circus for a couple of seasons performing my aerial acts on the trapeze and silks, I was accepted onto the BaHons degree course at The National School for Circus Arts (formerly Circus Space). I specialised in hula hooping and trained for many hours every day to hone my skills. I graduated with a First Class Honours degree and was awarded student of the year. It started out as a fun little hobby to fill time, and now it’s my full time career!

What do you do to work out? 

I often hear the phrase, ‘you must be so fit doing what you do!’; but truth be told, I only really do 5-10 minutes exercise a day (which is while performing my hula hooping acts). So it was quite a shock leaving university; going from training for 6-7 hours a day to doing 10 minutes!! So to help keep fit I swim regularly and go to the gym for classes. 

To what exotic places has your work taken you?

Due to commitments in London such as my pets, family and boyfriend, I tend to avoid long contracts abroad. Despite this, I have been lucky enough to perform in many wonderful places. I’ve been to France to represent my circus university at a circus school there, and have hula hooped ALL over the UK in amazing and spectacular venues and events. My favourite so far was when I performed at the very top of the Shard on New Year’s Eve; the views were completely spectacular and it was one of those moments where I took a step back and realised how truly lucky I am to do what I love.

Would your job be inspiring for a romance author? Are there lots of hot guys and gals around?

A large proportion of my work is performing in cabarets and variety shows in London, and often I’m the sole variety act amongst burlesque and boylesque acts. This means that I am constantly surrounded by absolutely gorgeous, almost naked performers. In addition, working a lot alongside circus acts in some shows means that I see a lot of strong and sexy circus boys and girls too. However, there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing, and I can assure you that I became completely desensitised to muscles and nudity very early on!!! It takes a lot to phase me nowadays I’m afraid!

Have you ever been involved in any dangerous acts?

I used to perform a bed of nails act when performing in the travelling circus. I would lie face down on a bed of nails with another bed of nails on top of me. Then the clown would come in and place a fizzy drinks can on top and smash it flat with a sledgehammer. That was always a crowd pleaser! I even did hula hoop tricks in that act, lying on my back on the nails and hula hooping around my feet in the air. I am always looking for new ways to make my acts that extra bit interesting and exciting.

Tell me a little about the amazing costumes I see you wearing. Do you have them made specially? Do you get a say in their design?

I design all my costumes myself, and once I’ve got a solid idea in my head I then take my drawings to my wonderful costume designer/creator. We sit down and talk about logistics (of mainly how I’m going to get in and out of them!), and then she spends a good while convincing me to allow her to add literally thousands of Swarovski crystals to it (if you look at pictures of my costumes you’ll see that she always gets her way!). A couple of fittings, and a good few hundred pounds later, I have the most fabulous costumes, which look absolutely amazing on stage. 

Who is the most exciting/famous/interesting person/people you’ve performed for?

I’ve performed for plenty of celebrities, from reality TV stars from The Only Way Is Essex, to Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood, to Mary Portas ‘Queen of Shops’ to name a few. But my all-time favourite has to be HRH Prince Charles. However, he spent most of the time staring at my bum, and there’s even photographic evidence to prove it! HAHA!

Any funny incidents that you can share with us?

Plenty of hilarious backstage antics go on all the time, but unfortunately what happens backstage, stays backstage!!

The Brit Babes are all writers, do you have time to read or are you whacked out at the end of the day? – (if you are reading something what’s  your current book?)

I love reading, and have recently invested in a Kindle, which has resulted in even more reading!! I used to enjoy books from the BritBabes while waiting backstage to go on to perform, but after reading one incredibly hot chapter in a Kay Jaybee book, and then rushing onstage, I was so distracted by the story that I completely forgot my entire routine and had to improvise the act!! Since then I’ve stopped reading all your wonderful books before going onstage and save them for after instead!! I’m currently reading ‘Black Heart’ by Zak Jane Keir, and next on my list (and already saved onto my Kindle) are ‘Kinky Boots’ by KD Grace, ‘Hired’ by Lily Harlem and I also have the paperback, ‘Temping Rendezvous’ by Victoria Blisse waiting for me! I can’t wait to get stuck into all of them and more!

Twitter - @HelenOrfordHoop

Thanks so much for stopping by, Helen, it's been wonderful to have you as our guest.

Lily x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

An Erotic Blast from the Past

I’m feeling nostalgic today, so thought I’d share with you some vintage K D Grace. This is a very short, very naughty little story that appeared back in the dawn of my erotica-writing time in Scarlet Magazine, back when I was still learning my craft and still getting my naughty little feet under me with writing erotica. I hope you enjoy this blast from my past

The Night Bus

I boarded the coach and made my way toward the back squinting in the darkness. It was the 01:30 to Zagreb coming up from Dubrovnik. The few people already onboard were contortionists attempting futilely to transform coach seats into beds.  I found a place and stowed my bag, sorry to be leaving the sea, but looking forward to time with friends in Zagreb before returning to London. With my head leaning against the window, I watched as the village lights faded. The man behind me groaned softly and shifted in the unforgiving seat. His movement stirred the scent of sandalwood and something more earthy masking the prevailing odours of motor oil and stale summer sweat.

The exotic smell only enhanced my agenda for the journey.  I planned to come. I have my reasons for travelling by coach whenever possible. I long ago discovered that if I position my bottom just right while on a bus, I can come with no further stimulation than the vibration of the engine through the seat, a feat I can’t quite manage on any other mode of transport, though I have tried. 

My favourite ‘sex with a stranger’ fantasy combined with the delectable thrumming beneath my pussy were just beginning to work their magic when I felt a hand on the back of my arm rest near the window. Fellow travellers sometimes violate personal space in search of the ever-elusive cat-nap. At least the man wasn’t snoring or drooling on my shoulder.  He sighed deeply and slid his arm farther up the rest between my seat and the window, between my arm and my body. I could have pushed him away, but the heat I was already generating made his closeness intriguing.

His head now rested against the corner of my seat and the window, close enough I could hear his breath. He was awake. I struggled to keep my own breathing slow and even. He shifted again cautiously, no doubt trying not to wake me.  I felt an almost imperceptible touch next to my T-shirt close to my ribs, a touch that made my snatch even hotter against the seat. There he paused, perhaps for courage, then his hand migrated upward snaking hypnotically, fingers curving furtively to cup my breast.

My heart pounded in my chest, which no doubt, he could feel, and I noticed he was feeling me rather nicely. This was too good to be true. Was I dreaming, or had fantasy suddenly become reality? I feigned a sleepy sigh and squirmed closer allowing him easier access, rhythmically contracting the right muscles to intensify the delicious friction growing between my legs.

Brazenly he raked a thumb over my swollen nipple, which was already transmitting seismic tremors to my cunt. I wasn’t lacking in the curve department. My breasts often got admiring glances. They were full and heavy and very sensitive.  In fact, they were one of my favourite sex toys. I played with them often, and the shadowy night bus was the perfect place for it. This, however, was the first time anyone had kindly aided me in my covert self-pleasuring.

 With my other hand, I reached beneath my T-shirt and tugged at the clasp of my front-loader releasing the full weight of my breasts for playtime. Then I took the initiative, guiding my admirer’s hand and sliding it under my T-shirt until we were feeling me up together, stroking my breast and pearl-hard nipple with maddening, crotch-drenching friction. I could imagine the overworked fly of his trousers struggling to contain him. I could almost sense his growing urge to thrust, and I wondered if maybe he’d already released his cock into his other hand, a thought which made me even wetter.

I could feel the distended ache of my opening pressed hard against the frustration of knickers and jeans.  Desperate for more than the vibration of the engine to accompany my travelling companion’s kneadings, I was just about to undo my zipper for a more direct approach when, without warning, all stroking stopped. He pulled away so quickly that I bit back a frustrated curse. I wasn’t finished! Had he come already? Because if he had, I would strangle him.

I needn’t have worried. There was a slight shuffling accompanied by a rush of pheromones, and the seat next to me was suddenly occupied. I caught the flash of his eyes in the light of a passing car.  Windblown hair brushed the collar of his shirt, now untucked and unbuttoned. I got a mouth-watering glimpse of dark nipples and pectorals above a hard slope of belly and a soft down of hair disappearing into the partially-open bulge of his jeans. I barely managed a yummy feel before he shoved my T-shirt up, slumped in the seat and began to nurse, taking each of my tits in turn. I gnawed my lower lip to keep from crying out, sliding my hand over his slender hip and into the back of his jeans to fondle the mounded cheeks of his ass, mesmerized as they tensed, relaxed then tensed again with my caressing.

Bashing his elbow on the seat in front of him, he grabbed my hand and guided it to his desperately straining bulge, holding me hard against him, as he tongued tight circles around my impressionable areole. While his mouth did its magic, he opened my zipper, feeling his way adroitly inside my knickers and sliding eager fingers between the slick folds and valleys of my cunt, spreading liquid heat over my clit with experienced stroking.  What were the odds of encountering a man on the night bus who knew how to work the joy spot?

With little effort on my part, his cock practically split a seam escaping. I cupped taut balls that felt heavy and full before he guided my wandering hand back to his thick erection. He tightened my grip with his own until the pressure was just what he needed, until my knuckles ached from the squeeze.  When my method was satisfactory, he rocked against me with tight, controlled thrusts, invisible in the darkness, his body pressing so hard against the seat that I feared he’d break it. I opened my legs as far as space would allow sliding down low, wriggling until my jeans and knickers were around my hips and I could feel cool night air against my engorged pussy as I rammed myself repeatedly against the wet dance of his fingers.

I’m sure we stopped breathing completely as we rode the edge between pleasure and release until it was so thin, so taut that melt-down was inevitable. Just as my orgasm exploded with an intensity I’m sure must have rocked the whole coach, he grunted and convulsed. Warm, viscous semen flooded my hand and spurted the back of the seat.

It seemed as though we drifted in a semi-comatose afterglow for eons, but it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. Finally, he slid his hand from between my legs and licked my juices from his fingers as though I were his favourite flavour. From somewhere, he managed a handkerchief, which I took, wiping him while he watched.

We’d only just gotten cleaned up and tucked back into our clothes when the bus pulled to a stop at some unnamed village en route. He stood slowly and grabbed a rucksack from the rack above. As he turned to go, he dropped a warm kiss on my cheek and disappeared into the night. Several other people got off, then the bus continued on its way. Just before I drifted off to sated sleep, basking in the lingering scent of sex and sandalwood, I found myself wondering if I could trade in my plane ticket, if just maybe it were possible to take a coach from Zagreb to London.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Special Guest - Cara Sutra

Please join the Babes in welcoming fabulous Cara Sutra to the blog today. Cara is a wonderful, vivacious, sexy woman who we all adore, not least because she's a very handy person to know when it comes to sex toys and bondage equipment! Today she's chatting sexy books, take it away Cara…

10 fun alternative uses for erotic books (no, not inserting them)

Whether you're an avid erotica reader or new to the world of literary love, lust and licentiousness, you will no doubt be wondering just what on earth else you could possibly do with your tomes of sauce and smut. Never fear! I have put together ten ingeniously engineered alternative uses for your erotic books which I can guarantee you'll never find on any library notice board, no matter how naughty.

10 Alternative Uses For Erotic Books

1. Erotic books are perfectly manufactured so you can use the right amount of pages to stop that annoying wobble some tables have. Doesn’t matter where you are, cafe, restaurant or bar - simply whip out your latest erotic book and slip the pages under the dodgy leg.

2. Use your erotic book as a physical shield to defend yourself against unwanted conversations, or simply chatter which has become tiresome and boring. Talk to the BOOK, not to the face.

3. Leave your erotic book in the middle of your dining table or on the mantel piece, as a thought provoking conversation piece during dinner parties and get-togethers.

4. Use a few erotic books together to boost visibility of your Best Erotic Author ETO Award on your bookshelf (gestures wildly towards KD Grace)

5. Read an erotic book on the train, en route to the latest exciting Smut UK event such as Smut by the Sea or Smut in the City. If someone asks you about your book, you can use the opportunity to invite them along to the event.

6. Slip an erotic book inside your Bible to liven up church on Sundays (sorry Victoria Blisse). Make sure you keep a firm hold of said improved Bible (ie. no lube).

7. An erotic book (or three) makes a fantastic makeshift tripod or stand to take your mobile phone pics or selfies from.

8. Place an erotic book over beverage to stop spiders and other creepy crawlies from getting inside your drink. Note: Hard backed books are best for hot beverages.

9. Most erotic books have a glossy cover which is very convenient for wiping them down after squishing said spiders and creepy crawlies.

10. Forget your Women’s Weekly (nod towards the great Victoria Wood), beat me on the bottom with a thick tome of erotica! Erotic books are great spanking tools - and don’t you just love how appropriate they are?

Despite my rather facetious perspective of erotic books here, it’s certainly true that there’s more to them than first meets the eye. Don’t think of erotic books as literature only to be read alone, in the privacy of your bedroom, under covers late at night. It can be fun to get your partner involved too. Put down that fancy-schmancy adult board game and open up one of the sexy novels or erotic anthologies on your bookshelf.

Here are a few ways to use erotic books as a boost to your relationship intimacy and as an exciting addition to your love life.

How Erotic Books Can Improve Your Sex life

Dip into an erotic book or sexy anthology while your partner is out, whether at work or elsewhere. Find inspiration in one of the raunchy scenes. Use this as the basis for a text or instant message to your partner, telling them what made you aroused about this scene and talking about what it’s inspired you to do, or to want them to do, the next time you’re alone together. If you don’t fancy leaving a message on their mobile or other electronic device, send them your thoughts by email. Sometimes it’s easier to boldly express our sexual desires through the written word instead of out loud, and face to face.

Another way to use books to your sex life’s advantage is to include one as part of your foreplay with your partner. Sure, you can read some of your favourite erotica through the day to get yourself in the mood for sex, but how about turning through the pages of some hot fiction together? Taking turns to read passages out loud to each other, without touching each other immediately, can lead to an intensely sexually charged atmosphere which is the result of what I like to call “literary tantra”. It could be that you even sit at opposite ends of the room to read out loud to each other, challenging each other to remain where they are and not be too turned on to sit still. What will be the forfeit for the loser? Will you keep your clothes on or tease your lover with a slow strip as you read? There are plenty of options to keep the foreplay feeling fresh and incredibly hot.

You don’t have to be the best actors in the world to enjoy participating in roleplay, either. Taking inspiration from an erotic book you particularly enjoy, or one which you have just been reading passages loud from with your partner, make one of the sex scenes come to life with you and your lover playing the parts of the libido-driven characters. Incorporate the main lustful sentiments and actions from the scene, or if you’re feeling really inspired and the story lends itself to it, you could even dress the part with some relevant roleplay outfits.

As you can see, there are many fun uses for erotic books beyond reading them by yourself by the light of your bedside lamp. Not to say that’s entirely out of the question either, of course! Which books should you have in your collection? Only you can properly answer that question, as everything depends on your personal tastes. Why don’t you take a look through the highly acclaimed and popular works of the Brit Babes to give your erotic book collection the very best start?

Thank you so much to Lily Harlem and the fantastic Brit Babes for welcoming me aboard for this guest feature. I regularly write about erotic fiction whether it's erotic book reviews or free guest features in my Erotic Author Spotlight Series. If you want to read even more of my sexual advice, exploits and opinions, you can find me at

- Cara Sutra