Thursday, 24 April 2014

Voices... Have You Heard Them Yet?

I started writing the Voices series about three years ago now. I wanted to explore what it would be like to have the voices of the dead speaking to you—and not knowing what to do with the information they give. I’d also been watching a programme about a police force who use psychics, and then the series was truly born. Oliver hears the dead and approaches the police with what he’s been told. He ends up being on the murder team and getting close to the lead detective, Langham. As the investigations pile up—one per book—Oliver and Langham’s relationship develops.

I’ve really enjoyed spanning five novels about them so far. Although the stories can be read as standalones, I feel it’s better to read them in order because then their relationship arc is shown better. Oliver goes from shy and inexperienced to learning quite a lot, and even though Langham is comfortable with who he is, he also grows and discovers things about himself didn’t know he wanted.

One case involves a BDSM club, and during their investigation they have to visit one. The show on stage makes both men realise there’s more to sex than vanilla—and they have to come to terms with how they feel about it. But with murder and mayhem getting in the way, they put off their time to experiment on the back burner. In the book that follows, they go away for a short holiday, intending to explore BDSM—but murder dogs them and they find that once again their personal life is put on hold.

I’m currently writing book six, and although there’s a murder case for them to deal with in foreign lands, I’m really hoping these men finally get the chance to delve into the lifestyle. They have to—I’m thinking book six will be the last one.

These guys have been with me a long time, so knowing their series is coming to an end is bittersweet. Not writing about them anymore will be hard. It’s sad to think I’ll be putting them to bed permanently. On the other hand, putting them to bed permanently might well be a jolly fun time for them LOL.

I’ve discovered that when writing a series I’ve become attached to the characters more than I would with a standalone story. I suppose it’s because I’ve invested so much time getting to know them, wondering not only what kind of whacko they can deal with next but learning about their personalities. They’ve been fun to write about, have taken up a big chunk of my time, so saying goodbye will undoubtedly make me cry. Their world has become a place in my head that I can see so clearly, as though I’ve really visited their city and the surrounding villages. The locations are all there—houses, paths, the police station, the local supermarket—just like I live there with them.

How will I fare not walking those streets with Oliver and Langham? How will I feel not going inside the police station and strolling past the drink machine in the corridor as I follow them to the little kitchen or the incident room? And what about the secondary characters, the feisty female sergeant, the somewhat dippy constable, the other main detective, the mortician? Hmm. Something tells me I might not be able to let them go…

The Voices series are novels, available HERE in ebook and print. 


  1. Emmy - how do you do it all??? Five of these books and a gazzillion others in THREE YEARS???!!! I am in awe :D
    I thought I was doing well eking out my trilogy in that time... wow x x x

  2. Noooooooooooooooo idea how I do it hahahaha.

  3. Oh, I LOVE Oliver and Langham soooo much! Brilliant series that always leaves me thinking about the story long after I've finished the last page.


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