Thursday, 13 March 2014

The first Brit Babe Blog - Fun from Eroticon 2014.

Hello all, I'm Victoria Blisse and I have the honour of being the first Brit babe blogger on our lovely site. We've decided it's time to come on out and party with you lovely lot and why not? Each Thursday a Babe will fill you in on all the fun and sexy goings on, so please check back each Thursday to chat.

So today I'm going to tell you about the gathering of Babes at Eroticon 2014. The above badges were made by my clever hubby Kev Blisse and given out to all babes in attendance. So minutes after arriving in our hotel in Bristol we ended up in Lily Harlem's bedroom with Lucy Felthouse, Tabitha Rayne, Lexie Bay, KD Grace and Kay Jaybee. Kev was in heaven. ;)

We gals chat regularly via email but there's nothing like being face to face for a good old natter. We enjoyed a meal out together so much that by the time we thought about going to the official meet and greet it was over...oops! We just had so much to talk about! Here's a pic of me and Lucy enjoying our lovely meal!

Now, I'm not going to repeat myself as I've written not one, but two blogs on the fun of the weekend. The first is my Sex and Spirituality blog which reports back on the session of the same name that KD Grace and I put together and presented.

The Second is my overview of the whole event called Smut, Smut, lovely Smut.  Have a browse through and find out what the babes got up to. Clearly we all behaved ourselves...but behaving badly is still behaving. ;)

Now, to celebrate this first blog I'm offering a prize for every comment left (one per person) you can choose from an eBook copy of The Victoria Blisse Collection  or you can have one of my smut badges, created by the clever Zak Jane Keir.

Please state what you'd prefer in your comment and make sure to leave an email address so I can send you your ebook or ask for your address for a smutty badge! I'll keep the contest open until Wednesday 19th March.


  1. What a fabulous time it was, Victoria! Every Eroticon is amazing, and every one has fond memories of the Brit Babes!

    Here are my mental snap shops of Eroticon 2014.

    KD xx

  2. We had so much fun!!!! If you want to read my account of Eroticon, you can find it at

  3. Great start to the weekly blogging, Victoria and wow, yes, what fun we had.

    My Eroticon Post -


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