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Amy Lee Burgess Talks Sex Magic

Hi! I’m Amy Lee Burgess and I’m excited to be here today to talk to you about writing a sex magic scene where the heroine loses her virginity. I know – craziness, right? Let me tell you, writing sex scenes are hard enough, why I ever decided to mix sex magic and virginity I don’t know. *takes a deep breath* But I did it in my latest dystopian paranormal romance (and there’s an interesting genre, huh?), Sea Cursed.

Let me set the scene a little here. About a year ago I signed up to write in a collective magical world featuring witches who battled monsters called ravagers. Here’s an overview.

Many years ago, the Original Sixteen witches were able to contain an outbreak of demon-like creatures from overtaking the earth. But doing so came at a cost. For the human race to survive, the world had to be divided into sixteen sectors, trapping the ravagers to the outer lands beyond, and trapping the humans in.

The Original Sixteen served as regents over each of these sectors, and when they died, the strongest of witches took their place, using their own personal enchantment abilities to protect their sector. In the process, communication was lost. The only solace that remains is the knowledge that if another sector fails, their own may still survive.

But what happens when your sector is the one to fail? What happens when the world inside your walls is just as bad as the one outside them? In this collection of sixteen dystopian paranormal romance tales, each and every one of the sixteen sectors is about to find out.

I was given Sector 13 and I decided to take what is now known as Galveston, Texas as my sector. My original witch used her magic to move the island way out into the middle of the Gulf of Mexico because ravagers couldn’t swim that far.

My story is set about two hundred fifty years after she’s uttered her spell. Every fifty years two witches must cast the spell of Reutterance because the magic wears off and Galveteen (as it is now known), drifts back toward the mainland.

I’d never written about witches before and since my book was supposed to be a romance, naturally I had to have the main characters fall in love and have sex, but they also had to perform this spell of Reutterance to save their world.

I wanted to figure out a way to combine the romance with the magic. I knew this spell that had to cast needed a lot of energy. How would they call up this energy?

Then it hit me - sex magic!  I had heard of sex magic, but I didn’t know that much about it so it was time to hit the internet.  And they say research is boring! I was led down all sorts of interesting paths from Paschal Beverly Randolph to Aleister Crowley to Maria de Naglowska. All of them agreed that sex creates energy and that magic can alter reality.

That’s exactly what Demetria and Logan (my witches) had to do! Perfect right? Well, sort of. You see, I’d made Demetria twenty-one years old, just finding out she’s a witch, and a virgin to boot. So the poor girl had to lose her virginity during a magical rite. Luckily, she was extremely attracted to Logan.

Demetria is an earth witch with dominion over earth and fire. Logan is a sea witch who can control water and weather. They use all their resources when casting the spell. The spell of Reutterance is so huge, they have to have three sex magic rites before they can even attempt it.

How about I share that first sex magic rite with you? You game? Here we go!

** *
Logan smiled at me as if he sensed the effect he had on me. “When we draw the circle, we’ll create a sacred space to contain the energy we raise together so we can direct it into the talisman. As the earth witch, you’ll draw half the circle and call out earth and fire, however you want to do it. As the sea witch, I’ll invoke water and air. I’ll start at the top of the circle with water, then I’ll call upon air as I reach the bottom of the circle. You’ll start at the bottom of the circle and invoke fire and end with earth as you reach the top. It’ll be a sort of lopsided circle since we’ll have to trace on the railing and over the benches next to the bed as well the deck, but it’ll work.”

My imaginative flights of fancy crashed with a thud. Oh, Othala. I knew nothing about rituals and invoking things. My expression must have revealed my anxiety because he leaned through the smoke to kiss my forehead.

“You’ll be fine, Dem. I have to go first, so you can get a feel for it from me.”

I nodded because I was too afraid if I spoke, my voice would quaver. We were doing this. Drawing a sacred circle, and then we’d have sex. I had to do this for Galveteen and for everyone who lived there, but I so glad I wanted to be with Logan. I only wished things didn’t have to be so ritualistic and formal. What if I didn’t know what to do when we were making love? Maybe I would cry. I knew it would hurt, at least at first, and that part scared me almost as much as the ritual itself did.

Logan had me kneel on the deck a few feet away from the bottom of the bed. Where I knelt marked the bottom of the circle. He set the incense near me and moved to the bench to the left of the bed. He had to climb on it to reach the railing where he wanted to start the circle.

I thought he might say something start the ritual, but he didn’t.

“Waves upon the sea,” he said, drawing with his red chalk. When he reached the center of the circle, he said, “Wind to rush them along.” His shoulder brushed mine as he stopped drawing at the bottom of the circle.

My fingers shook as I forced them to drag the chalk. Logan’s line was sure and strong. I feared mine would be thin and straggly.

“Lightning brightens their way,” I whispered, not sure whether that would be all right, but Logan had started the waves along a journey, and I thought I could continue it. I traced the circle up and over the bench, then knelt on the cushions so I could reach to join my pink line to Logan’s red one.

“Sand welcomes the waves to shore.” I collapsed onto the starry-sheeted bed, trembling and filled with a wild sense of purpose coupled with excitement.

Logan stood at the bottom of the bed, the fairy lights ablaze behind him. I braced myself to see him take off his pants, but he didn’t. He crawled onto the bed and up to me. He stretched out on the mattress, his head on one of the pillows.

I sat with my back braced against the railing, clutching a pillow to my chest.

“Lie down with me.” He held out his arms.

Biting my lip, I let go of the pillow and slid down so I rested with my head on Logan’s shoulder. His arms came around me, creating a more intimate and calming circle than the one we’d drawn with chalk.

“Look up.” He pointed at the sky, which at some time during the drawing of the circle had darkened to black. Stars pricked the velvet expanse of night, and a full moon beamed down upon us.

With the waves lapping around us and the stars revolving above us, space seemed vast. The combination of sea and sky pulled me out of myself somehow. When I stared up at the darkness interspersed with stars, I was no longer precisely bound to my body. I could go anywhere. Be anywhere and yet never move at all.

“Logan,” I said, my chest loosening from the vise-like tightness that had gripped it since we’d cast off from the dock at Galveteen. “It’s limitless. I thought being on a boat would make me claustrophobic, but out here looking up, it’s like we have the sky for our ceiling and the sea for our floor, and there are no walls boxing us in.”

He brushed a kiss across the top of my head. “I was hoping you’d see it like I do if we drew the circle out here and not down below. I know you don’t like boats, but we aren’t confined to this deck. We can swim and dive, and the ocean is so deep, it’ll be like being suspended in a world of water.”

My breath hitched. “I don’t swim well. I’ve never dived.”

“I’ll teach you. Do you trust me?”

“A sea witch with water? Of course,” I said, although a spasm of fear still wormed down my spine at the thought of all that water around me. And sea creatures.

“I trust you too, earth witch.” Logan buried his face in my hair, and for a moment I couldn’t catch my breath.

An eerie keening wail floated across the waves ending in a crescendo of high-pitched squeaks and low, vibrating gurgles. I froze in abject terror. What was out there in the black ocean? What strange monster made that noise? Ravagers?

“Logan!” I tried to escape from the bed, to run below and hide, but Logan grabbed me. I fought him as that unnerving, ghostly noise surrounded us again. I couldn’t tell from which direction it came. It seemed like it emanated from everywhere and from nowhere at all. The wailing exhalations raised all the hair on the back of my neck.

“It’s whale song!” Logan held me, my back crushed against his chest. He put his face close to my ear, close enough his beard stubble scraped my cheek. “It’s a whale. Listen. Don’t be afraid. Just open yourself up and listen.”

Trembling, I closed my eyes, blotting out the stars and sea and the twinkling fairy lights. Logan’s chest rose and fell against my back, and his breath was warm against my ear.

The uncanny supernatural song filled the air again, but now that I knew it was a whale, not a monster, I heard the beauty. The weird wonder of it. The hair still stood up on the back of my neck, but now it was awe charging it, not fear.

“Is he singing to his mate?” I asked, pleased at the thought of such a thing.

“Maybe,” Logan said. “Although there’s also a theory that he’s singing to explore his space. His song bounces off the sea floor and anything nearby. It gives him an idea of what’s around him. Maybe he’s as new to this area as we are. This is his new home for a while, just as it’s ours.”

I lifted my gaze to the stars gleaming in the pitch-black sky. The pockmarked face of the moon glowed silver, mysterious in a way that tugged at something inside me. Was this home? Could be this be home? Were whales and stars our new companions?

Logan stared up, too. He slid one hand down to my breast and slowly circled one finger around my nipple. No man had ever touched me there, nor had I ever experienced the exquisite sensation of tightening just below my belly to between my legs.

I focused on the stars. They winked and whirled as my eyelids fluttered. The whale continued to sing, making me quake inside, yearning to find something I didn’t know I’d ever wanted.

Logan moved so he could unbutton my bodice to reveal my bra beneath. I was glad Regina had given me such pretty underthings, and for the first time when I thought of her, I could smile, even as grief squeezed my throat for a moment.

The whale song ended, drifting off into silence.

Logan lowered his head over my breasts. He fondled one and took the nipple of the other gently between his teeth. The fabric of my bra chafed my skin. I wanted it gone, but I didn’t want him to stop what he was doing.

The gorgeous relief that flooded through me when he popped the front latch of my bra made me gasp. He lifted his gaze to mine and gave me a wicked smile that hinted at so many unknown – at least to me – pleasures. He licked a long, deliberate circle around my nipple as I shivered in anticipation. When he sucked my nipple into his mouth, I let out a low groan wanting something I couldn’t articulate.

Slowly, he slid the hem of my dress up over my hips, exposing me. A cooling sea breeze floated over my heated skin. When I had started to perspire?

Logan moved one hand between my legs, which shocked me, especially when my back arched, driving me into his hand. My body knew something my mind didn’t quite grasp.

He rubbed between my legs, his thumb finding a sweet spot that made me cry out. Hooking one finger beneath the waistband of my panties, he slowly drew them down, never moving his thumb or letting up on the thrilling pressure against that one spot. He slid one finger gently inside me, and I bucked beneath his hand, a kaleidoscope of colors bursting behind my eyes as something electrifyingly huge built inside me.

I almost screamed when he lowered his head between my thighs and closed his mouth over my slit. No one had ever prepared me for this weightless feeling of freefall combined with an aching want for something just out of reach.

I grabbed fistfuls of the sheets, digging my heels into the mattress as I arched into his mouth. He licked me at first, making me gasp, but when he sucked, and kept sucking as he pressed his thumb hard into that sweet spot, I cried out, and I couldn’t stop keening as something burst inside me, like a river crashing through a dam, and all the water poured through my body, drowning me in endless, exhilarating pleasure.

When he sat up, his mouth and cheeks smeared with wetness, his eyes alive and blazing, I was once again filled with an aching, inexplicable need.

“Logan!” I complained.

“Take off your clothes.” He moved to sit on the edge of the bed so he could peel off his pants and drop them to the floor, careful to keep them within the circle.

I struggled with my dress, yanking it over my head, desperate to be free of it. Laughing, Logan pulled it up and off. I shrugged my bra straps off my shoulders while he peeled my panties over my knees and down to my ankles. I almost kicked him in the face trying to help him get them over my feet, and he laughed again. I didn’t want to laugh – I was terrified that desperate ache would fade away, and I’d never feel that arousing, sensational release again. I wanted Logan to crawl between my legs again and lick me until I screamed.

Instead, once we were both naked, he took a moment to run his gaze over my nude body. Far from wanting to cover myself, I deliberately spread my legs, making him suck in his breath.

“Do you have any idea how fucking gorgeous you are?” He straddled my body, pressing his enormous erection against my belly. I’d never seen a man’s cock, and I couldn’t see Logan’s now, but I could feel it. Fear ignited in the pit of my stomach, almost as potent as the lust swirling through me. He was so big. How badly would he hurt me when he was inside me?

My expression must have betrayed me because Logan’s sensual smile faded as concern filled his eyes.

“Dem, it’s okay. We can stop.” His gentle tone nearly made me burst into tears.

I shook my head. “No, we can’t. The spell. We only have three days.”

“So we start tomorrow.” He brushed some hair out of my eyes. “Or the day after. Whenever you’re ready.”

I took a strangled breath. “We are drifting closer to the mainland every day. We’re already behind schedule because of me, aren’t we? Don’t lie.”

He nodded grimly. “But we still have time. I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“But I want to,” I said, and boldly reached out to stroke his hair, which was getting almost too long to be called a buzz cut any longer. His hair was both soft and spiky beneath my fingers.

Logan turned his head to kiss my wrist, making my pulse leap beneath his lips. He stared at me, his blue eyes huge and unblinking.

“Dem, I know I’m not the one you would have chosen for your first time, but please understand what this means to me – that I can be here with you. Make love to you. I’m sorry you thought that kiss meant nothing. It didn’t. It meant so much it actually confused me,” he confessed, his lashes sweeping his cheeks when he lowered his head.

I continued to stroke his hair, wishing he’d look up at me. His words meant everything. I wanted him to know I believed him, but to do that I’d have to expose myself. He’d left himself open just now, but he was so courageous. He’d stood up to the Lord Regent, and always knew what he wanted and what to do. I was an awkward, indecisive mess compared to him. But still, I had to speak. I owed him that much. I owed myself that, too.

“Logan. I’m scared, but I want to.” I gulped and took a big breath. “And not just because of the spell. Because of you.”

“Really?” His face lit.

“That kiss confused me too,” I whispered. “I think the best thing about being marked by Othala is that I got to meet you.” Tears choked me, and I squeezed my eyes shut to keep them from pouring down my face. “But then I wonder if you’d even have looked at me if you didn’t have to.”

“Oh, earth witch.” Logan dragged me up so he could crush me into a hard embrace. I clung to him, the scent of cinnamon and the sea filling my senses. “Don’t you know what you do to me? How can you not know?”

“I just don’t,” I said, then he was kissing me again, his lips punishing and almost cruel. He fisted his hands in my long hair and yanked so my head went back, baring my throat. He moved his mouth along my jaw, down to my neck. I moved my hand so my fingers spread possessively across the side of his neck as my thumb gently brushed his jaw.

He half-bent me over one arm, and ran his other hand up my thigh until he cupped my ass. The press of his cock against my lower belly no longer frightened me. It excited me, made me wild. I wanted him so much it ached.

He lowered me to the bed, and once again straddled me. I arched into him as he claimed my mouth with his once again.

“Logan,” I murmured, cradling his face between my palms as he kissed me.

I gasped when he slid one hand between my thighs and stroked me until I was frantic with need.

“Dem!” He groaned as he thrust into me – one swift thrust that buried him deep within me. A moment of pressure and resistance, then a fleeting burst of pain that was gone almost before I registered it.

“Dem?” He breathed into my ear.

“Don’t stop.” I groaned, not knowing exactly what to do, only that whatever he was doing must continue. I clutched at his shoulders, digging my nails into his bare skin as he thrust into me again and again – gently at first, but harder and harder as he strained against me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist wanting to open myself up to him as fully as I could.

We went faster then, the mattress creaking beneath us. I held onto Logan, convinced if I didn’t, we’d both fall off the bed and break the circle.

He kissed me until I couldn’t breathe. I took his bottom lip between my teeth and pulled, wringing a moan from between his clenched teeth. I kissed his chin and his throat, nipping at his flesh as we rocked together.

He reached again between my legs and found that sweet spot, pressing on it with his thumb even as he plunged into me with his cock.

This time the dam didn’t just burst – it shattered – taking me along with it. I cried out in ecstasy, drowning in magnificent waves of pleasure that went on and on reducing me to a shivering, mindless creature of passion. I was drenched in a sensual rain of satisfaction.

Logan stiffened against me, then shuddered as he came. He buried his sweaty face in my neck, and I held him not ever wanting to move or let go.

The talisman he wore turned icy cold on my skin, but the freezing shock only boosted my pleasure and my unwillingness to let him go.

“Dem,” he said hoarsely, his voice muffled against my throat. “Oh, Dem.”

“I know,” I whispered, stroking his hair.

Far out to sea, the whale began his supernatural song once again, a haunting, heart-wrenching melody that the squeezed my throat tight. Yes, I thought. We’re home. We’re all home. What we’ve done here tonight can never be undone. No matter what happens, where we end up, this moment is forever.


How’d I do? Thanks again for letting me stop by!

Here’s a few links for you:

Amazon link for Sea Cursed:

Amazon link to the Othala Witch Collection: (Remember there are 15 other Sector books!)

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Aural Sex, Anyone? by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)

Ah, now that got your attention, didn't it? Whether because of the title itself, or because you thought I'd gone mad and spelt oral wrong. I haven't, honest. I do mean aural, as evidenced by the pretty picture above.

So, what on earth am I on about? It's something new I've tried this year, and will be continuing to build on... audiobooks. They're not something I listen to myself, but I spoke to so many people that do listen and enjoy them that I started looking in to it. It quickly started making a hell of a lot of sense. People love reading, but don't always have as much time to do it as they'd like - and this is where audiobooks can come in. Folks listen to them while driving, especially if they have long commutes, they listen to them while running, on trains, while cleaning, ironing, exercising... the list goes on.

For a hybrid author such as myself, they can be a bit of a challenge, however. They're expensive and time-consuming to produce, and that's after you've gone through the often lengthy process of finding the right narrator. Narrators can make or break a project, so getting the right one is essential. Now, through a mixture of pure luck and a lot of perseverance, I've been working with a few narrators to start making my indie published titles into audiobooks, and it's been great fun. So far I have four on the market, and another five are currently in production.

I'm learning all the time about how the whole process works, who the listeners are, and so on. As always, a bit part of it is marketing. Making people aware that they're available. Which is why I wrote this blog post for you lovely folks. So, if you do indeed fancy some aural sex, check out my Audible pages:

My available audiobooks are also available directly from Amazon, and also from iTunes.

If you have any information you'd like to share about your audiobook experience, please feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear it (no pun intended).

Happy Listening!
Lucy x


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 150 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter at:

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Sex and Ritual

Carl Jung saw symbols and rituals as containers for numinous power. It’s a small step from our need for ritual to the idea
of sex as ritual. It infiltrates our myths, it permeates our literature and it fills our fantasies. Many of the earliest religious rites were fertility rites involving either the sacred prostitute or the sacred couple whose sexual union insured abundant crops, cattle and children for another season. Certainly it’s not hard to see the ritualistic aspect of sex in the natural world. We’ve all watched birds or badgers or elephants going at it on nature programs. There are often complex courtship rituals before actual copulation. 

Jung’s definition of ritual as a container for power intrigues me. The power contained in sex is astounding. It’s the power to pass on life. It gives us the ‘little death’ and the out of body experience. It elevates us to the level of heaven while bringing us back to our most primitive animal nature. 

Sex is the ultimate mystical experience. The closest we can get to a power beyond ourselves is the power within ourselves. There’s a reason I chose to write my very first novel, The Initiation of Ms Holly as a modern day retelling of the Psyche and Eros story. In the Greek myth, Psyche must undergo ritualistic tasks before she is allowed to be with her lover Eros. In achieving these impossible tasks, Psyche so impresses the gods that they not only allow her to be with her lover, but grant her divinity as well. 

In Greek mythology sex usually involves one of the gods, most often Zeus, coming down to earth and ‘seducing’ a mortal female, who then gives birth to a child destined to do great things. Sex as the representation of the creative force permeates the Greek myths. It permeates the paranormal world as well, but what else are vampires and shifters but the modern representation of the mythical gods? It’s there in the Christian myth as well, the child of divinity and humanity destined to save the world. Tragically the power of sex is most of the time omitted from the Christian myth. Oh it’s there all right, but you just have to look a little harder to find it. When I wrote In The Flesh, one of my favorite scenes is Susan’s research into the sexual relationships between gods and humans. Here’s a snippet to illustrate what I mean:


I had little enthusiasm for the handbag sale, nor for lingering at the make-up counter. Instead I found myself back at the Starbucks, Mac open, researching God’s love life, which turned out to be a long history of seducing humans. 
Zeus visited Danae in a shower of gold. He seduced Leda in the form of a swan. Eros came to Psyche in the dead of night forbidding her to look upon his face. Hades dragged Persephone down to the Underworld. The Virgin Mary was impregnated by the god of the Bible. In the New Testament, Christ is the bridegroom, and the church his bride. And the list went on and on. Perhaps even the indwelling of the Holy Spirit was just another way for divinity to experience flesh. 


More than a procreative force, sex is a creative force. Its ritual act allows us contact with the power, contact we can have no other way. But who controls the ritual? We’ve all seen lories transporting heavily reinforced tankers bearing CAUTION: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS signs in big red letters. We know a breech of containment would be disastrous. The purpose of ritual is to keep the power contained so we mortals can interact with it safely. Religions have always tried to control the rituals involving sex, to dictate with whom the act may occur, how, and even when it may take place. Property and inheritance rights depended on controlling women’s sexuality. 

These days the ritual containers set in place by religious superstition and prejudice are being breeched. Those vessels can no longer contain and control sexuality in all its vibrant varied guises. The ritual is being taken out of the hands of institutions and reclaimed on a more individual, more personal level. That means the creative force of our sexuality is being freed in ways we could have hardly imagined a few years ago. 

The container for the ritual has changed drastically in recent years. In some cases it no longer exists at all, and we’re struggling to find safe containers, safe places to learn about, understand and explore all aspects of our sexuality. The ritual of sex is being reinvented to something vibrant and alive and open, and translating that into story a part of what makes our job a pleasure, whether we write contemporary erotic romance, historic, sex in space, paranormal romance, the container is new with each story we tell. How can that not be exciting?

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Sex in Sci-fi by Jennifer Denys

They say your screams can’t be heard in space… Unless you have a partner or two! Eleven authors take you on a trip where any pairings are acceptable, locations vary from spaceships to strange and futuristic worlds, and interesting and exciting objects can be used in sex play.

If randy astronauts, virtual reality lovers, sex in near-death situations, a commitment-phobe human and her alien lover, and reproduction in space experiments don’t do anything for you, you are clearly not human!

So try the stories in the alien worlds half of the anthology, instead. Here you’ll find alien Doms, a mysterious gladiator saving a stricken princess, an exotic dancer, a paid assassin on the run, an illegal sonic dilda’tor, and a pleasure booth. Space has never been so exciting!

‘Love and Lust in Space’ came out of a workshop on ‘Sex in Sci-fi’ that I did for Smut by the Sea in May 2016. I had some terrific submissions which fell into two distinct groups: futuristic earth stories and those set on alien worlds. So the publisher and I decided to split the anthology into two halves along those lines with an epilogue story which covers both areas.

Randy astronauts litter the pages of the first half – not surprisingly since this is called ‘Love and Lust in Space’! We have two male astronauts on the space station who lust after the (female) doctor monitoring them from Earth in Naughty Nauts by H K Carlton; Ian D Smith wrote a story (Re-entry) about sex between astronauts who are friends stuck in a near death situation; Filling the Void by Jordan Monroe tells of a reproduction in space experiment.

Across both halves of the anthology there are intergalactic relationships including an alien from the planet Steelt who is a member of the ambassador’s staff about to leave Earth when an Earth woman spies him across the room (One Night by Rose Wulf); Ella Gray brings us the story of a man on the run who leaves his home world of Jubbal in Across the Stars; and landing on the planet Ferrix after being sucked through a wormhole is a nightmare for the human heroine in The Audition by Ashe Barker, as the women are all submissive and the men all Dominant.

Interestingly, there is a common theme of kidnap, abduction and being restrained. An assassin is on the run about to be caught in Across the Stars; Morgan King tells the story in The Gladiator’s Princess of a princess caged in readiness for breeding when an alien warrior comes to her rescue, but his motives may not be altogether pure; and a hacker comes across a mysterious and sexy woman handcuffed in a virtual reality programme in Dee Maselle’s story, Sanctum.

Naturally, we have a few anti-gravity stories: the characters in Re-entry try it out both with and without gravity and realise that shapely breasts and anti-gravity are made for each other!; whilst the heroine in Filling the Void has to hold onto to straps but being sandwiched between two guys helps, I am sure. I found this very amusing as this was one of the issues I talked about in my workshop having done research for a previous story. A problem which has been highlighted by researchers is that the lack of gravity leads to lower blood pressure which could, in turn, lead to lack of blood flowing to the gentleman’s penis and – to be exact – he may not be able to get it up! However, as we write fiction we can get away with it! H K, though, decided to go with realism. Her astronauts in Naughty Nauts couldn’t get an erection but they sure made up for it in their smutty banter!

Various sex objects are invented by the anthology authors – Jennifer Denys came up with a sonic dilda’tor which the heroine in her story discovers could be the answer to her prayers, unfortunately it is banned on that planet! (in The Sonic Dilda’tor); Beverly Kingland created The Pleasure Booth for her story of the same name which is excavated by aliens on earth long after humans have ceased to exist; and there is an orgasma orb in Dylan McEwan’s story Alien Attraction (all I can say is this is an MM story so you can guess where it goes!).

Voyeristic sex can be found in a few of the stories. The heroine in The Audition has to cope with multiple partners one after another whilst the others are watching; in Alien Attraction the human hero is an exotic dancer and he and his fellow humans perform more than just dancing for their Vordellian masters in the bordellos – but these aliens are only allowed to watch not touch; in the futuristic Earth of Sanctum they have an entertainment industry using immersion tanks which allows people to enter into virtual reality scenarios (and even have sex there); and on the world of The Gladiator’s Princess the only way to incite arousal is to watch the princess being brought into heat whilst on display in the arena.

Lastly, sexual cultures differ between planets. The aliens of One Night don’t take love lightly. They wait until they meet the right one – and know the right one from instinct. The heroine in The Sonic Dilda’tor has to have semen in order to ascend to the highest level of orgasm, meanwhile the narrator of The Pleasure Booth has problems understanding how humans could find sex pleasurable – she sure finds out.

Discover that for yourself, and so much more, in Love and Lust in Space. Release date 10 November. Buy link:

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The Appeal of a Blue Collar Hero by Mira Stanley (@mirastanleyauth)

Hi Brit Babes and Readers!

Thanks for handing me the reins today! I thought I’d share my fascination with blue-collar heroes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of these hard-working men.

I read them. I write them. I ogle them while driving past construction sites. I might even have a picture or two for your ogling pleasure…

Why Mira Loves Blue Collar Heroes:

Reason #1

Muscles, muscles, and more muscles.

© Artofphoto |
I can dig just about any dudely body type. I’ve been attracted to short with a beer belly, tall and willowy, trim and athletic, and bear-like. It’s truly the mind, heart, & soul inside the body that matters.

…But there’s something about a guy that’s built that I just can’t look away from. And if it’s muscle earned on the job, it’s that much sexier.

Yep, muscles are my weakness. How’s that for irony, lol!

Reason #2

There’s something irresistible about a man who knows how to get shit done.

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“Where do you want this, honey?”

Men who work with their hands simply know how to accomplish stuff. They can fix your car, grill your steak, and get you off, all while shirtless and sipping a beer.

And they know how to take instruction.

“No problem, sugar. Change your mind as many times as you want. I could move this barrel a hundred times and still have enough energy left to rock your world in the bedroom.”

Reason #3

You say potty mouth; I say naughty mouth.

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Bad language can be oh-so nice! I especially love when a hero takes all those work-site curses into the bedroom.

Dirty talk slays me. Just slays me. Please tell me I’m not alone on this one!

Reason #4

Dirty, dirty boy.

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A hard working man needs a woman dedicated to cleanliness to help him scrub off all the grime and sweat at the end of the day. I’m more than happy to be that woman. It would sure beat dunking my kids in the tub!

I love reading and writing hard-working blue collar heroes for all these reasons and more! If you want to read my latest blue-collar hero, check out my Dirty Minds series of novellas (ten sizzling stories, one kinky couple).

Joe is my absolute dream guy. He embodies all of the above and will be sure to steam up your ereader. 


A good girl gives her dirty mind free rein…but nothing comes without a price

After a brush with violence, preacher’s-daughter Kelly decides life is too short to keep denying her dark desires. It’s time to explore her pent-up sensual side. And she knows just the man to help. Joe is every dirty-talking bad boy she’s ever daydreamed about, and he seems more than willing to make her fantasies reality. But he’s not about to let her use him without getting something in return. Joe drives a hard bargain, and Kelly has to decide how far she’s willing to go to keep him in her bed.

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So, why do you love a blue-collar hero? Share in the comments!

Thanks for having me, Brit Babes! It was fun!

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